Most new and aspiring entrepreneurs believe that generating paying clients is the most difficult part of starting and growing a business. In fact, not knowing how to effectively generate potential paying clients can lead to the death of new and start-up businesses. I am almost certain that we have all heard the term, "Money doesn't grow on tress." It's true! We don't get money from tress, we get money from people. Therefore, it is important to attract the right people, those who have money to give you, into your business.

Lead Generation is your solution.

By attracting paying customers into your business, you can increase your revenue by 200%. The process is not complex, full of secrets, and most people can accomplish results in 30-60 days.

Over the years, I’ve been consistently asked by entrepreneurs at every level how to successfully attract paying customers into their businesses while keeping cost low. However, when I ask what steps have they already taken and if it yielded optimum results, I realized just how little people understand the concept of generating leads. 

Based on feedback I have received from new and aspiring entrepreneurs, I decided to design a course that teaches others who struggle with increasing their customer-base and revenue, how to attract paying customers for a fraction of the cost charged by marketing companies. 

Course Goals

  • To learn the specifics of lead generation, how it works, and how to do it successfully.
  • How to strategize for your lead generation campaigns.
  • How to decide what methods would be best for your business and lead generation campaigns.
  • How to develop persuasive and catchy content.


Why would I want to be a webinar participant?

As a participant of our webinar series, students can improve their learning by being fully engaged in the webinar materials. Ongoing research demonstrates that students who are actively engaged in webinars are more likely to stay in the course and achieve optimum results. 

What should I do as a webinar participant?

Webinars are designed to help students put into practice what they have just learned in the course. Students aren't expected to research the course materials ahead of time. They are expected, however, to complete the recommended steps and related assignments. 

What if I think a particular topic needs a webinar?

Students can talk to the course instructor, professor, the department chair, or anyone who uses webinars for their courses to make special requests and recommendations for new courses as well as additional content for preexisting course. 

How can I become a webinar instructor?

Students may ask instructors of webinar courses for an application to be an instructor. As a rule, this is a competitive process; instructors are selected from those who have excelled in the course and have achieved results. Typically, applicants participate in interviews organized by the instructor of the course.

What are the webinar hours?

Unless otherwise stated, each student is expected to learn at their own pace. Webinars are made available on an ongoing basis for those students who have purchased the course. 

What kind of equipment do I need?

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection (high speed service such as DSL or cable works best) and speakers. You may also use a headset instead of speakers, depending on your audio quality.

How can I asked question during a webinar?

Some webinars have a Live Q & A session that is scheduled once per month. During this period, you may ask as many questions as possible. Questions will be answered during the Question and Answer period scheduled as part of each webinar. Keep in mind, it may be difficult to answer every question asked by the student participants. Feel free to send an email with your questions to the webinar instructor.

How can I get information on future webinars?

Future webinars are posted on our website as soon as they are scheduled and/or are also announced via emails to our members.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Lead Generation

  • 2

    Bandit Signs: An Overlooked Gem in the Field of Marketing

    • If your business isn't visible, you are losing revenue!

    • Google Maps is more helpful than you know!

  • 3

    The Science Behind Email Marketing

    • Are You Passing Up Opportunities? Email Addresses Are Golden!

    • Don't Be Afraid to Ask: The Art of Collecting Email Addresses

    • Automating Your Email List is a MUST!

  • 4

    Direct Mail Marketing: Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Effective

    • Direct Mail Marketing Tips You Can Use Now

    • Direct Mail Marketing is All in the Strategy!

    • How to Get Your Audience's Attention

  • 5

    Using Video Marketing to Increase Your Profits

    • Your Audience Determines Your Sales

    • Did you know your videos need KEYWORD phrases?

    • What You Need to Get Started with Video Marketing

    • The Secret to Increase Video Views

  • 6

    Are you READY to put it all to the test?


About the instructor

The Relationship Expert

Dr. Shonna Etienne

I'm Dr. Shonna, an expert in relationships, specializing in marriages, couples therapy, and infidelity. I help women attract and keep quality men who desire and value healthy relationships. My teaching methodologies cannot be found in school and can help you find long-lasting love with a mate worthy of your time, attention, and affection.


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